The maypole started after Wendy our

chair person watched children from a local school do the maypole in

Castleford town centre (May 2003) Wendy thought that all Castleford children

should have the chance to dance the maypole, not just one school


From that day on we asked local

children if they wanted to dance, we started with about 20 children

which soon crew to over 30 children, we hired a 2 hour slot on Mondays

in our local Day Centre in William Street Lock Lane Castleford


3 Local councillors helped use to raise funds through the community chest, to clothe them.


We dance at most local galas etc in the

area, we applied for £2,000 from The local children's network fund and

was successful, that paid for 12 months rent for training storage boxes

dance shoes and much more


Any children over 3 years old welcome to come along to see if they would like to join us.


Start at 5pm every Monday at William St Day Centre.

 The Castleford Maypole Dance Troupe received a grant for £5200 from Awards For All in 2007

1940s 3rd July 2010 Town Centre Castleford


Dancing at Vicotian Market at Wakefield 20 November 2010

At a meeting on Monday 7th February

It was agreed the Maypole Dance Troupe  has a name change to

Castleford Community Arts & Dance

More news to follow


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